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My name is Greg Hall, and I am a journeyman carpenter.  I started Hall-E-Wood Construction from the ground up in 2004.  It started as a small framing company.  With dedication and a lot of hard work, I've been able to grow my company into a well-rounded, versatile company that can complete many different avenues in the construction world.  I've been fortunate to grow great relationships with the trades around Hinton.  It's a pleasure to be able to create great things with them for my clients.


Over the last several years, I've become a well known general contractor and developer in Hinton. We are currently selling executive style single family homes on the west side of Hinton.  I have a couple other projects that are still in the 'idea' stages, but we are excited for the upcoming years to see more progress and growth in Hinton.


Through my growth in business, I've developed an interest in the town's Chamber of Commerce, and since become a board member. I sat on the board for a term of four years.  Although my term has ended, and new board members are filling those chairs, I still like to see all the local support that our community gives to our small and large businesses around town.    


Construction Ltd.

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