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We have many contacts in the construction world that should give you the options you are looking for with your project.  Check the services listed below.  We are confident that we can help you proceed to get your project from drawings to reality. 



Engineering will be the start of any large project.  They bring all the ideas of a project and give you a visual sneak peak as to how your project will proceed and what the finished stage could look like.

There are a couple of options in choosing an electrical company to wire your project. The company I hire to complete the job, will be the one that best suits your requirements.

Carpentry is all through

Hall-E-Wood Construction.  I have a great, well rounded team, with a long list of experience.  If it's made of wood, we can build it.


We have a couple of "go to" painting companies.  A nice balance between commercial needs and residential needs.

Plumbing & Heating go hand in hand and are done by the same company.  There are a few local options.  

We have an interior designer to help you with all of those tricky color choices.  She can also use AutoCAD to draw up a plan of your choice for a remodel, or if you are starting from scratch.



Construction Ltd.

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